Before your airbrush tan session


STEP ONE: Know your No-Nos

  1. No shaving immediately before your spray tan service
    Shave the night before if you have a morning session, or the morning of if you have a night session

  2. No deodorants or fragrances/perfumes before your spray tan service
    These will cause a barrier between you and your tan.

  3. No Prep Sprays or PH Balancers
    They are proven to have no positive affect, and in fact can hurt your tan! 

  4. No makeup!
    Makeup will cause a barrier between you and your tan.

STEP TWO: How to properly exfoliate for a spray tan

  1. Use an oil-free exfoliant.  Baking soda works best.
    An exfoliant with oil or aloe in it will leave behind a residue barrier that can interfere with your tan.

  2. Do not apply anything to your skin after the exfoliation process.
    If you apply products after you exfoliate then you’ve just created a barrier between your skin and the tan solution!

STEP THREE: How to dress for your airbrush tan (until 1st post shower)

  1. Do NOT wear tight clothing
    This means: tight socks, boots, belts, gloves, stockings, leggings, skinny jeans.

  2. Do NOT wear a hat
    Like a drawstring, a tight hat can result in undesirable marks in your tan, and if the hat causes you to sweat then your tan will also be lighter and could even get streaky.

  3. Do NOT wear tight necklaces or bracelets, or accessories that rub
    Your spray tan professional will probably have you take them off for your service anyways, but if you put your accessories back on after the tan then they might affect your tan, resulting in poor results.

  4. DO WEAR loose clothing
    Think: sun dresses, skirts, loose fitting pants, looser shirts, shorts

  5. DO WEAR clothing that won’t make you sweat
    Sweating will lighten a tan or, worse, cause it to be streaky or runny.

  6. DO WEAR clothing that covers all of your tan if it’s raining!
    Just like sweat, rain will wreak havoc on a tan, so be sure to wear something that will protect you from the elements if it’s not going to be the best day out.

 After your airbrush session

During tan development, wear loose, dark comfortable clothing. Tight garments, jeans, undergarments, socks and shoes can rub against your fresh tan, and create lines. Wear loose thong shoes or sandals. Use an umbrella if weather is rainy, and avoid splashing the skin with water. Avoid sweating, or water exposure until your post tan shower. Avoid touching your freshly tanned skin, during development time. 

* First Post Tan Shower: Please shower based on the information provided to you by your Airbrush Tanning Technician. Your tan will take 24-48 hours approximately to completely darken, no matter which product blend you have used. Color will continue to darken after showering. During your first shower, you may see a brown tint wash away in the shower water. This is the temporary cosmetic bronzer colorant, that allowed the tan to be seen when first sprayed onto the skin. This is not your sunless tan!

*Maintaining your Tan: Regular moisturizing is ESSENTIAL to prolong the wear of your tan. We recommend you apply moisturizing products fresh from the shower to help lock in the moisture from your shower. 

On roughly day 4-5, you can reapply a DHA containing product at home to help maintain and rebuild color. Please speak to your airbrush technician about recommended products.